Spearfishing for Beginners

You’d like to get into any aspect of underwater hunting, we would like to teach you the tricks and ethics of spearfishing “the right way.”

Τα Ελληνικά Online Καζίνο: Μια Νέα Εμπειρία Διασκέδασης και Τυχερού Παιχνιδιού

Τα τελευταία χρόνια, ο κόσμος των online καζίνο έχει αναπτυχθεί δραματικά στην Ελλάδα. Με την ανάπτυξη της τεχνολογίας και την αυξημένη πρόσβαση στο Διαδίκτυο, οι Έλληνες παίκτες έχουν τη δυνατότητα να απολαμβάνουν τα αγαπημένα τους παιχνίδια καζίνο από την άνεση του σπιτιού τους ή από οποιοδήποτε άλλο μέρος.

Τα ελληνικά online καζίνο www.kazino.nu/ προσφέρουν μια μεγάλη ποικιλία παιχνιδιών, συμπεριλαμβανομένων φρουτάκιων, ρουλέτας, blackjack και πόκερ. Οι παίκτες μπορούν επίσης να απολαύσουν εντυπωσιακά live καζίνο παιχνίδια με πραγματικούς dealers. Επιπλέον, πολλά online καζίνο προσφέρουν ελκυστικούς μπόνους καλωσορίσματος και προσφορές για να ενθαρρύνουν τους παίκτες να δοκιμάσουν την τύχη τους.

Ωστόσο, είναι σημαντικό να παίζετε υπεύθυνα και με σύνεση στα online καζίνο. Η αυτοπεριοριστική προσέγγιση και η παρακολούθηση του χρόνου και του ποσού που δαπανάτε είναι απαραίτητα για να αποφύγετε τυχόν προβλήματα. Με τη σωστή προσέγγιση, τα ελληνικά online καζίνο μπορούν να προσφέρουν μια ευχάριστη και ασφαλή εμπειρία διασκέδασης για τους παίκτες τους.

Seasoned Spearo?

No matter the season there are always a variety of species to hunt like grouper, snapper, hog fish, amber jack and so much more …

half day hunting expedition shared
Half Day Spearfishing Trip

*shared trip*

Starting at $165 usd
full day hunting expedition shared
Full Day Spearfishing Trip

*shared trip*

Starting at $315 usd
half day hunting expedition private
Half Day Spearfishing Trip

*private trip*

Starting at $380 usd
full day private spearfishing trip
Full Day Spearfishing Trip

*private trip*

Starting at $730 usd


Weather is moving a lot please contact us.

All our Spearfishing trips includes:

our trips includes
  • Professional Guide
  • Spearguns of all sizes and brands
  • Permit and license for hunters
  • Mask
  • Wetsuit
  • Snorkel
  • Gloves
  • Weights
  • Fins
  • Freshwater for Hunters
  • Beer only for snorkelers
  • Your fresh fish cooked

Want to enjoy the fish you caught?

Your fresh fish cooked in the best grill restaurant in Puerto Aventuras.
Lunch - Dinner at La Caleta Restaurant Puerto Aventuras – NO CHARGE

Salad, rice, salsa and tortillas.

*Drinks not included*

la caleta restaurant puerto aventuras

Live music on Wednesdays.

Personalized Apnea 2 Days Course

puerto aventuras apnea courses

On private trips with our Apnea PADI instructor Javier Silva: Learn the pros techniques along your private spearfishing trips upon request.

  • The dive reflex
  • Basic laws of physics
  • Compensation
  • Techniques of respiration
  • Diaphragmatic respiration
  • Risk involved in free diving
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Price: $ 350 USD

Based on 58 reviews
Jakob Iversen
Jakob Iversen
What a thrill! We had never tried spear fishing before but Javier talked us through everything before we went out. We had a wonderful guide and captain on the boat and always felt safe and had all our questions answered. If you like snorkeling and can swim underwater you’ll have a great time. We speared one fish and our guide speared three, which Javier cooked up for a wonderful lunch.
Sebastián Román
Sebastián Román
Excelente experiencia. Javier y los guias hicieron que fuera una experiencia muy agradable y segura. 100% recomendable. Además lo que pescamos quedó muy bien preparado; comimos ceviche y pescado a la parrilla.
Jackson Higgins
Jackson Higgins
Incredible experience. The team at Arpon rock! If you are thinking about going spearfishing, this is the team to go with.
Alex Alex
Alex Alex
Un de mes plus beau trip! Merci a tous l’équipe pour cette merveilleuse journée!
Emmanuel Medina
Emmanuel Medina
Amazing experience!!!!
roberto carlos alonso rodriguez
roberto carlos alonso rodriguez
justin knott
justin knott
Great spearfishing setup.. the owner , captain, and David (the guide) all great! Hope to be back
Lloyd Murray
Lloyd Murray
What a truly awesome day with Arpon! So professional and a super set up. Mikey and Davey were amazing; I learnt so much. They were excellent with their teaching and they made the day something very unique. Some reefs and even a blue water experience. I loved it! I look forward to my next day with Arpon! The food and hospitality is second to none! Thanks guys, see you Friday!👍🤿🐟🔱👏👏👏
Antonio Balbuena
Antonio Balbuena
Altamente recomendable… una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida…. Excelente pesca. Gracias a Javier y su equipo de profesionales. Nos vemos pronto.
Brett Starbard
Brett Starbard
Awsome experience!! I had never been before. As a beginner they teach you how to dive which I picked up with just a little practice. I was able to catch my first fish in about thirty minutes. After that you just don't want to stop. Javier was the best instructor and David was there helping me out the whole time. I can't wait to go again. If you are looking for a real adventure check them out. And eating your fresh catch right when you get back is just the icing on the cake. Hands down the best activity I have ever done in Mexico.
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