Spearfishing for Beginners

You’d like to get into any aspect of underwater hunting, we would like to teach you the tricks and ethics of spearfishing “the right way.”

Seasoned Spearo?

No matter the season there are always a variety of species to hunt like grouper, snapper, hog fish, amber jack and so much more …

half day hunting expedition shared
Half Day Spearfishing Trip

*shared trip*

Starting at $165 usd
full day hunting expedition shared
Full Day Spearfishing Trip

*shared trip*

Starting at $315 usd
half day hunting expedition private
Half Day Spearfishing Trip

*private trip*

Starting at $380 usd
full day private spearfishing trip
Full Day Spearfishing Trip

*private trip*

Starting at $730 usd


Weather looks great until the 9th so far. For any other dates please contact us.

All our Spearfishing trips includes:

our trips includes
  • Professional Guide
  • Spearguns of all sizes and brands
  • Permit and license for hunters
  • Mask
  • Wetsuit
  • Snorkel
  • Gloves
  • Weights
  • Fins
  • Freshwater for Hunters
  • Beer only for snorkelers
  • Your fresh fish cooked

Want to enjoy the fish you caught?

Your fresh fish cooked in the best grill restaurant in Puerto Aventuras.
Lunch - Dinner at La Caleta Restaurant Puerto Aventuras – NO CHARGE

Salad, rice, salsa and tortillas.

*Drinks not included*

la caleta restaurant puerto aventuras

Live music on Wednesdays.

Personalized Apnea 2 Days Course

puerto aventuras apnea courses

On private trips with our Apnea PADI instructor Javier Silva: Learn the pros techniques along your private spearfishing trips upon request.

  • The dive reflex
  • Basic laws of physics
  • Compensation
  • Techniques of respiration
  • Diaphragmatic respiration
  • Risk involved in free diving
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Price: $ 350 USD

Based on 41 reviews
Hannah Bennett
Hannah Bennett
Best first time experience spear fishing. Javier and Steffen are very knowledgeable about everything spear fishing. This tour is the real deal and perfect for a more local experience. We will definitely being coming again with these guys next time we visit!
Hunter James
Hunter James
This is a very well run charter. I have spearfished in many countries and in multiple states of mexico and can honestly say that this service was fantastic. Javi and his guides are very particular to detail to ensure saftey and optimal success based your skill and ability. Wether you are a seasoned professional or you are just dipping your toes in the water of spearfishing I would highly recommend Arpon Spearfishing. Not to mention NO ONE will cook your fresh catch better than Javi. Went out two days and took 100 pounds of fillet back to the states!l
Jed Myers
Jed Myers
This experience will push most to try something completely new and exhilarating. It is a great work out, the host Javier, guides, and the Captain were all exceptional. The meal prep of the fresh catch was awesome as well. This is a must try for adrenaline junkies!
Noah Ben-Or
Noah Ben-Or
Extremely knowledgable, respectful and super friendly. they gave us a lesson in the water on how to properly dive along with out of the water for our breathing! Gilberto was our guide he was absolutely amazing also making sure we were good and happy. He is very helpful! 10/10 would reccomend definitely going again the next time we come back on vacation
Cody Kewley
Cody Kewley
Best spearfishing charter boat in Quintana Roo! We purchased an all day trip. In the morning you float and dive for 4 hours. Come back and cook up what you caught. By the way best fish tacos we ever had!!! After lunch you pack back up and head out for another diving trip and go over more tips and tricks. This experience is for beginners and advanced divers the crew is very protective of you in the water and is always watching out. You will shoot fish 🐠 just listen to the guide!!!
Jarrett Theberge
Jarrett Theberge
I'm a beginner and had a blast on this tour! The guides will help you out if you need it and they were fishing next to me as well. We got a few trigger fish and a pile of Barracuda 10/10 would recommend if you're comfortable in the water.
David Stevick
David Stevick
Was unprofessional and unsafe. Took our group of 6 (5 were first timers) on a very challenging dive with no coaching. The 6th guy said it was the hardest dive he had done yet. I do not recommend. Could go on for a while about what happened, but will keep it short and simple. Book elsewhere.
Artem Onyshchenko
Artem Onyshchenko
Man oh man! Such a great experience with this guys! Professional team and great customer service its just a begining, we got full day of spearfishing trip with a great lunch ceviche break in the middle of our trip which was served in their cute little restaurant. Also whats interesting is that we spent little time driving a boat in order to reach most of our fishing spots, so we had more time spearing. Highly recommended place and it doesn't matter if you're begginer or experieneced spearo! definitely will book my trip with them again!
Chase Horlacher
Chase Horlacher
My buddy and I decided to try out Arpon Spearfishing since it had good reviews. Neither of us had any experience free diving or Spearfishing whatsoever. Thanks to Luis, we were able to completely learn and have a great experience as well. We were able to go to 3 or 4 different spots to ensure that we had numerous chances at multiple species of fish. Javier’s restaurant La Caleta prepared our fish phenomenally and it was absolutely delicious. Not to mention it was included in the fishing trip which was a great bonus and an awesome way to end the day. Overall very satisfied and we will be returning soon with more friends!
Jonas Otsuji
Jonas Otsuji
I grew up spearing fish in Hawaii but I can truly say these guys taught me more in one trip than I learned my whole life spearing on my own. These guys a true professionals. I learned a ton from Javi and Miguel. The best part was they were so free with there knowledge and they went way above and beyond what they promised. They were extremely attentive to all of our needs. We had the most delicious ceviche of our trip. Everyone in our group said the fish tacos were the best they’ve ever had. I will definitely be calling Javi again on my next trip to Cancun!
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